MAC #1
MAC #1
MAC #1

MAC #1

MAC stands for Miracle Alien Cookies. This rare strain was bred by Capulator. MAC is an exceptionally popular strain due to its rarity, extreme resin production, and high THC content. MAC 1 is widely accepted to be the most desirable, most exotic, and most valuable of the MAC phenotypes because to date, not one cultivator has been able to hybridize it successfully. This ensures that, at least for now, the strain remains an elite clone-only variety. MAC 1 is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid with a tropical fruity front end aroma and a lingering citrus back end. MAC 1 flavor profiles include orange citrus, a sweet and sour base and a diesel back end. This strain is perfect to lighten the mood after a stressful day.



1 LB Flower, .5G, 1G Pre-Rolls

1 LB Flower

.5G, 1G Pre-Rolls


10 Minutes


Varies by batch


Miracle (Colombian X Starfighter), Alien Cookies

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