Cindy 99
Cindy 99
Cindy 99

Cindy 99

The sativa-dominant hybrid Cinderella 99 is a potent strain that smells of tropical citrus and tastes of sweet lemons with an earthy undertone. It’s THC content averages at 18% with some crops topping off at 22%. It’s high is often defined as perfect to uplift creativity, create a dreamy mood, and it offers a light body high. It often increases energy, and many claim that it can be used throughout the day, though its high usually lasts around 90 minutes. However, you don’t need much to feel this strain’s effects. Reviewers note that a little goes a long way. Paranoia is a known ill side-effect if you consume too much at once, along with a mild headache or dizziness. This strain’s parents are under debate. Some believe they are a cross between Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk.



1 LB Flower, 1G Pre-Rolls

1 LB Flower

1G Pre-Rolls


10 Minutes


Varies by batch


Jack Herer, Shiva Skunk

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