Apple Tartz
Apple Tartz
Apple Tartz

Apple Tartz

Apple Tartz, bred by Clearwater Genetics, is a cross between the ever-so-popular Runtz with Apple Fritter, another Northern California strain. Runtz is a very popular strain from the well known and established Cookies Fam. The Cookies Fam is based in the Bay Area and has grown some of the most famous and iconic strains, most notably, the original Girl Scout Cookies, now known as GSC or simply “Cookies” to avoid conflict with the organization of the same name. Almost everything the Cookies Fam puts out is a hit, and Runtz is no different. It’s well hyped, but there’s substance there, as the seeds are rare and not generally available. The taste is sweet and makes for the perfect dessert strain. The THC is moderate, but the high is pleasant.



1 LB Flower, 1G Pre-Rolls

1 LB Flower

1G Pre-Rolls


10 Minutes


Varies by batch


Apple Fritter, Runtz

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