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This strain originates from within the Cookie Fam camp, which owns the very popular cannabis brand, Cookies. This strain highlights the work of multiple highly talented breeders based out of San Francisco and LA County. Gelato, one of the parents for Gushers, was created by Sherbinski by hybridizing Sunset Sherbet (Pink Panties x Girl Scout Cookies) and Thin Mint GSC. The result was a strain that has given us many legendary cuts including Gelato 33 (Larry Bird) and Gelato 44, the parent of Gushers.

The other parent is the legendary TK, also known as Triangle Kush, a strain that is widely accepted to be the origin point for all OG Kush strains grown today. This Indica-Dominant hybrid’s aroma is a wonderful blend of sweet and slightly sour tropical fruits, with fresh, earthy herbal tones. Initially the Gusher high is very invigorating, then it’s sedating. This creates a beautiful combination of both euphoric cerebral high followed by a wave of full mind and body relaxation. This high makes Gushers perfect to lift your spirit during the day or counteract anxiety while relaxing the muscles. It will also allow your mind to unwind and wander freely at night.

Triple Cheese

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Cheese strains were very popular in the ’80s and ’90s. But it was often very difficult to get a reliable source of genetics stateside. Amsterdam, which established itself as an epicenter for cannabis commerce and trade, was a common source for many varieties still grown today. Our Six Labs Triple Cheese is a strain created by one of Amsterdam’s most respected and long-standing CoffeeShops, Barney’s Farm. Its lineage is Original Cheese (Exodus) x Blue Cheese. As one of the earliest strains to produce narcotic Indica effects, Cheese may bring nostalgia and pull the heartstrings of the couch-lock-loving community.

Traditionally when associating cheese with a smell we may think old school skunks, or very pungent aromas. Our Six Labs Triple Cheese Pheno carries very subtle hints of these aromas but leans more towards the blueberry parent farther down in its lineage. This produces a very sweet fragrant bubblegum aroma with hints of pine. This Indica Dominant pairs wonderfully with watching a movie, sleeping, or another favorite past time — doing nothing.

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